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Anonymous Story Number One

I was so excited to be working there. I loved the people, the atmosphere, and the mission of the institution, and I was offered a position for a few weeks during the summer. I thought I had it made.

Within days of starting there, a male staff member began to put his hands on me. It started with my arm, back, or shoulder, and him being in my personal space every time we talked. He'd reach over me instead of going around or asking me to move. One day, after helping him with something, he gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze and I knew I had to confront him.

The conversation went well. He was puzzled at first, as he really didn't think he had done anything wrong. I told him I needed a boundary of no physical contact. He was respectful and I hoped that would solve the problem.

Things were better for a while. Then one day a lady in the office saw him standing beside me with his hand on my waist. She told HR and he was spoken to, which paused the behaviour again for a while, but then it started up again.

Throughout the following month, he wrapped his hand around my upper arm with his fingers between my arm and my body, touched my back, put his hand on my arm, poked me in the back, invaded my space, and put both hands on my waist.

He continuously violated my boundary.

While I did go to HR myself and reported his actions, I firmly believe that the only reason the harassment ended was because Covid started.

~ Anonymous ~

This behaviour is not okay. Thank you for being brave and sharing your story. My hope is that others find strength from your story to do whatever they need to do to be safe and have have safe relationships.

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