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TheCarDoor.ca is a passionate endeavour to encourage, inspire, and motivate people to have healthy relationships with themselves and with others.  


This is done by having honest conversations about the types of relationships people are in.



   * Relationship Harm

   * Domestic Violence and Abuse

   * Spousal Rape

   * Divorce

   * Sexual Assault

   * Single Parenthood

   * Blended Families

   * Mental Illness

   * Suicide

   * Discarded by Church and Denomination


   * To exemplify hope through the truthful proclamation of my own story.

   * To educate and empower young people to have healthy relationships.

   * To inspire hurting people by emphasizing they are not alone and there is hope.

   * To illuminate the misconceptions of many Christian women

      regarding humility and submission.

   * To expose the flip side of "today is a new day."

   * To encourage others with my story.